Jeepers Creepers 3:Dark Horizons reports today that Fangoria had recently talked director/writer, Victor Salva, on the set of Jeepers Creepers 2, where he explained some details on how he'll approach the 3rd installment of his horror film:

"I have a very weird idea for a third one," Salva says. "If I made another one, I would go back and do a Western. Since [the Creeper] has been around for thousands of years, I thought of a great idea of this wagon train that's going through a sort of Donner's Pass kind of thing. There'd be snow and horses, but they've already told me, 'you're on a freakin' bus and you almost drove yourself crazy, now you want to do snow and horses? Don't even go there!"

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The Punisher:Comics2Film sat in on a conference where they overheard Marvel CEO, Avi Arad, discussing Marvel's upcoming slate for TV & Film ventures. Here's what he had to say about the adaptation of The Punisher

We're feverishly working on The Punisher," Arad told listeners. That is part of Marvel's unique arrangement with Artisan Entertainment. With this deal Marvel stands to share in profits 50/50 after production and distribution. This include the DVD and video release of the movie. The film will likely be R-rated. They hope to have it out in 2004, although the financial statements say late 2003 is also a possibility.

Batman vs. Superman: Harry over at Ain't It Cool gives us a detailed report on why Jude Law backed out of the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie because of a quality issues, and how Josh Hartnett is now in talks with Warner Bros. to star as Superman in the role. CLICK HERE to read the whole report.

Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines: The Arnold Fans comes to us today with an August 12th set report from Downey, CA! They've got pictures too!

Wednesday: Saw a lot more activity on the Downey set. There were a couple of men putting the finishing touches on the facade of the building that was originally the banner/flag store. It has been interesting to watch the wisdom and economy exercised in the layout and use of this set. Once again all traffic lights and such were operational and there seemed to be a good deal of activity on either end of the set, both by the spa building and the topless place. Security did not seem as tight on the center section as it was the day before. Activity did seem fairly brisk on the back lot.{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}In doing my drive around, I could not help but notice that there was some activity going on at one of the very large buildings on the site. I can only speculate that they are using the interior of the building for an indoor set as well or for some other function related to the movie shoot.{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}Our tenacity finally paid off with witnessing an actual shoot going on. It was at the far end of the set towards the spa building. There was a camera truck and crew setting up a shot with two Los Angeles rescue vehicles, side by side, about to drive down the street. I shot some hi-8 video and have captured some freeze frames. Outside of that, cannot report much more than that.{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}The quality of the freeze frame shots may not be as good as the stills but still show enough detail as to things that are going on. As to the actually filming photos, between the fence, barbwire and shrubs, I did my best to photograph the activity.

CLICK HERE for the whole thing and the pics! Thanks to 'Ulf'

Daredevil:Comics Continuum got some rather interesting info out of Daredevil Producer, Gary Foster, about the release of the teaser and trailer for the film:

"We are preparing a new teaser that we intend to release in September," Foster told The Continuum. "It will show another level of what Daredevil will be. I expect it will highlight his blindness and how he deals with it -- visual effects shots. Of course, we will continue to build up the full trailer that should be ready around November."

8 Mile: Universal is now streaming Windows Media versions of the new trailer for 8 Mile:

CLICK HERE for the 56k version.

CLICK HERE for the 128k version.

CLICK HERE for the 300k version.

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