It has been 14 years since Jeepers Creepers 2 was released, but there is suddenly a whole lot of renewed interest in the franchise. The long-awaited Jeepers Creepers 3 is finally coming later this year, even though there is no poster, trailer or release date yet. But it looks like the creative team behind the third installment has confidence in it, because according to star Gina Phillips, Jeepers Creepers 4 is already being planned.

The actress, who is reprising her role as Trish from the first Jeepers Creepers, recently spoke with Diabolique Magazine about Jeepers Creepers 3, which has already completed filming and is currently in post-production. According to her, director Victor Salva has already written Jeepers Creepers 4, which will pick up right after the events of the third installment. Here's what she had to say about it.

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"The plan is for this stuff to go to the screen in the next Jeepers Creepers movie. Victor has written what happens from the second after the conclusion of Jeepers Creepers 3. I think that's all I'm allowed to say about it but he wrote in such detail and he had a lot of flashbacks to what happened over the years that it made it very easy for me. I got to see what will eventually happen to the character and he put enough flashbacks in there that I got to see what happened to her over the last 15 years. Let's just say, there's more to come...a lot has changed for Trish over the years. She's a mother; she's been through a lot."

In Jeepers Creepers 3, Trish Jenner now has a teenage son named Darry. If that name sounds familiar, it's because he is named after her brother (Justin Long) that was killed by the Creeper in the first movie. Trish is now having a recurring nightmare in which her son is also killed by the Creeper. To try and prevent this from happening, Trish, who is now a rich and powerful woman, sets out on a final quest to end the Creeper's reign of terror once and for all. Jack Taggart Sr. (Ray Wise) and Jr (Jon Powell) are also along for the ride, with Jonathan Breck returning as the Creeper.

Those who have waited a long time for Jeepers Creepers 3 will probably be delighted to hear that Jeepers Creepers 4 is part of the plan as well. There is no guarantee that we will get the fourth installment, since that will surely depend on how the third movie does at the box office, but since it sounds like the next movie may end on a cliffhanger, fans will definitely want to see it happen. If the movie is good, it should have no problem making the money it needs to justify another entry in the franchise. We will be sure to keep you up to date as more details on Jeepers Creepers 3 and Jeepers Creepers 4 are made available.