It seems we're all in store for a new dose of the Creeper in the near future. Fangoria recently talked to writer/director Victor Salva about the upcoming Jeepers Creepers 3: Cathedral and confirmed the new title of the film as well.

"The script, now titled Jeepers Creepers 3: Cathedral, is about to enter preproduction at MGM and does include a prologue in the Old West where we see how the Creeper became a frightening part of cowboy and Native American folklore," Salva said.

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"I will say," Salva added, "that one aspect of the third film features Trish Jenner (Gina Philips from the original film), who, 23 years later, has a teenage son of her own, named Darry after her long lost brother. Trish is having a terrible recurring dream where her son meets the same terrible fate as her brother. Now a rich and powerful woman, Trish is determined to stop the Creeper once and for all."

While Salva wouldn't reveal anything about the film's title, he said that, "it is a large part of the film created especially for all our loyal Jeepers Creepers fans. The new Jeepers-Jeepers Threepers as we affectionately refer to it around here-brings back all the classic ideas of the first film, but brings them horrifyingly full circle. It also revisits characters from both films [Ray Wise from II returns, as does Creeper actor Jonathan Breck], lets us learn more about what the Creeper is and, by popular demand, reintroduces the infamous Creeper truck."

It is unclear when the film will start production or if a release date has been set yet. We'll be sure to update you on this new film as more information arises.