While Jeff Bezos may have been looking for some people to make comparisons between his Blue Origin space launch, I'm sure he would have been hoping it would be to things like the Apollo moon landing and other world famous space exploration vessels. He probably wasn't expecting that one of the most prominent similarity being suggested on social media was to Dr Evil's rocket from Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, thanks mainly to the appearance of a certain part of the rocket in particular.

Amazon boss Bezos completed his first successful launch, which saw his spacecraft break out of the Earth's atmosphere for several minutes as part of the ten minute launch just days after fellow businessman Richard Branson completed his first journey into space. The launch was always expected to bring a lot of attention, which it did, but Bezos was probably hoping for something a little more complimentary than he ended up getting. Thanks to the slightly bulbous head of the rocket and a couple of fins at its base, Blue Origin looked every bit as phallic as the comical rocket launched from Dr Evil's mountain lair in the Mike Myers Austin Powers movie. While its very unlikely this was the design that Bezos was going for, when the images are placed side by side there is no way of denying the accuracy of the comparison.

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The Blue Origin launch is the latest in the on-going space race competition that is becoming case of my rocket's bigger than yours. Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic launched only this week, while Elon Musk's SpaceX project has been littering the cosmos with dozens of ships. While this may have been Bezos' first expedition to space, it is unlikely it will be his last, although a slight design rethink could be on the cards.

However, it was not only the rocket that managed to gather some attention online, as the spacesuits worn by Bezos and his fellow space passengers, which included his bother Mark, and Wally Funk and Oliver Daemon, who now hold the titles of the oldest and youngest humans to have been in space, gained their own movie based comparisons to Marvel's Fantastic Four. The blue spacesuits were almost identical to those worn by the superhero group in their 90s iteration, which saw Chris Evans making his Marvel debut as the Human Torch long before he became better known as Captain America. The noted likeness of the suits even led BossLogic to mock up the Blue Origin crew as Marvel's first family.

Many comments made similar quips, that the new Fantastic Four casting left something to be desired, while others seemed to be strangely happy if that had been the case. While the Fantastic Four are being highly anticipated by Marvel fans now that they are finally about to make their debut in the MCU, I think that if this did turn out to be the latest incarnation of the group, then people would be begging for the less than thrilling 2015 reboot of the franchise. This news originated at ComicBook.com