"I imagine that people will have fun trying to figure out what is real and what is not, " Jeff Goldblum says about his newest project, Pittsburgh, which will air on Starz August 26 at 10 PM ET/PT. "When I started this project, I didn't want a reality, follow-me-around, aren't-I-interesting type of thing."

Pittsburgh is a fun combination of real people and a quirky situation involving Goldblum and his friends Ed Begley, Jr. and Illeana Douglas. When Goldblum falls in love with and gets engaged to a Canadian actress whom he has only known for three weeks, his friends think he's jumping the gun. But she cannot stay in this country unless she is married to an American - or gets a job. So instead of rushing into marriage, Goldblum decides to get her a job - with him in a two-week local theater production of "The Music Man," which will run in Pittsburg, his home town.

The viewers will keep wondering what is really going on. Is this scripted or is it really happening? And why would Goldblum put himself through this? After watching his audition viewers will wonder how he ever thought he could star in a musical singing and dancing.

This is a cute, off-beat film. "Pittsburgh is a labor of love for me," says Goldblum, "and it's very close to my heart." He adds, it "was as fun, jazzy, creative a time as I've ever had." With Conan O'Brien, Craig Kilborn, Ashley Judd, Alanis Morissette, and a slew of others, this is an adventure viewers will go along with just to see what really happens in the end. It's quirky, strange, offbeat, and somewhat amusing.