Jeff Goldblum will star in Pittsburgh, a witty variation on a Christopher Guest mockumentary that swirls together fiction, reality and an unlikely cast including Goldblum, Ed Begley Jr., Illeana Douglas, Moby, Conan O'Brien and unsuspecting Pittsburghers, all as themselves, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Making its TV debut Sunday on Starz Cinema and out in September on DVD, Pittsburgh follows Goldblum, 54, as he takes on the starring role in a Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera production of "The Music Man," a daring move for an actor known for his acting, not singing and dancing.

The plot of Pittsburgh has Goldblum tackling "The Music Man" out of love, both for the venerable musical and for his fiancee, Catherine Wreford, a Canadian actress who must get a job or risk losing her visa.

"Pittsburgh" also offers the fun of unraveling a puzzle. Unlike Guest's comedies, some of what happens in Pittsburgh is real -- or at least that's what Goldblum claims.

All evidence considered (including polite reviews), he and Wreford did appear in "The Music Man" in Pittsburgh for two weeks in 2004. Goldblum says he explained away the camera that accompanied them by saying it was for a home video.

Goldblum swears to the following: That he was engaged to Wreford, that she did have immigration worries, that he's always loved the Meredith Willson play, that the couple presented as his colorful mother and stepfather are, indeed, his colorful mother and stepfather.