The Good

A great show that had as much heart and wit as it did social commentary.

The Bad

No Extra Features at all. There have been no Extras on any of the Jeffersons' releases I have reviewed and that is a shame. Weird picture quality.

Change is afoot on The Jeffersons: The Complete Sixth Season. George (Sherman Hemsley) and his wife Louise (Isabel Sanford) are still the anchors here, but they've got some being things happening as Lionel (Mike Evans, who had left the show but returned this season) and Jenny (Berlinda Tolbert) are preparing to have a baby. Mainstays like Tom (Franklin Cover) and Helen Willis (Roxie Roker) are also around to provide much comic relief, in addition to Florence (Marla Gibbs) and Mr. Bentley (Paul Benedict) who always manage to put their special spins on each situation.

Some of the standouts in this 24 episode set are "A Short Story," in which George thinks he's getting an award for his business acumen, but he's really getting praised for his lack of height. "Louise vs. Florence" shows what happens when these two characters finally a chance to air their grievances about one another. "Louise Takes A Stand" is hilarious episode which showcases the strong willed Louise going head to head with her stubborn husband.

Filled with laughs, great writing and an easygoing style, The Jeffersons: The Complete Sixth Season is a fun jaunt with one of the best shows in TV history.


No Extras came with this DVD release.


Full Screen - 1.33:1. Okay, the picture itself, taken simply as one frame, looked pretty darn good. However, something has happened to these shows in their compression. That has got to be what has given these episodes a "ghost-like" effect. The characters all seem to be moving just a step slower than normal. Things aren't as fluid as they should be at all. While this didn't ruin the viewing experience, it is annoying and somewhat distracting. Judge for yourself, but I am surprised that Sony would put out a release this way.


Dolby Digital. Language - English. Close Captioned. I had to turn up the sound on my TV a few notches above the halfway point. Once I did that, everything seemed to play at the same levels for all three discs in this set. One thing about this show is that the audio is almost 100% these actors talking. There isn't any music or sound effects to get in the way. All told, these episodes play as good (in an audio sense) as they do when they air currently on TV Land.


Once again, George and Louise are featured in the middle of this front slipcase cover with a shot of New York behind them. Underneath them are small images of the rest of the supporting cast. Also, the main color over all of this release is red. The back cover has two images from this show, a description of what Season Six is about and a system specs list. All three discs pull out in one piece of artwork, which contain some promo stills from the show. They have also put in a guide that lists out all the episodes, provides a description of each, and tells users where all the episodes are in relationship to each disc.

Final Word

As much as I love the TV on DVD sets that Sony releases, their lack of features on these things is troubling. I honestly think that Norman Lear is a brilliant man. He was able to create shows like The Jeffersons, All in the Family and Good Times, that were not only groundbreaking for what they put on the TV screen, they were simply great shows. One can watch an episode of The Jeffersons and if all they want to do is laugh than that's what they'll get. One could probably watch that same episode and if they wanted to get politics, or read behind the subtext they would also find that there. That this show can work within such a duality is a really special thing. Sadly, they offer no featurettes on creator Norman Lear or the virtues of his creations.

While I know that over time show's usually lose their way in terms of what they start out as, I am sure that The Jeffersons was quite a different show when it came on the air in 1975 as opposed when it went off in 1985. However, that it lasted as long as it did is truly a testament to the power and wherewithal of these characters.

The Jeffersons was released .