Footage taken from Jeffrey Epstein's abandoned island has been shared on TikTok by "urban explorer" Andy Bracco. After infiltrating the island in August 2020, Bracco shared clips from the footage he'd recorded with a friend on TikTok last year, but he says his account was deleted soon after by the app. He reposted a clip of the endeavor to his new TikTok account in April, and new footage posted two days ago already has more than 200,000 views.

After the authenticity of his footage was questioned, Bracco referred followers to check out his vlogs of the experience on his YouTube account as well. The YouTube videos are edited with clips of Jeffrey Epstein included, also featuring Bracco and his friend arriving at the island at 6:30 a.m. one morning. After they were almost caught, they returned "12 hours later" and successfully explored more of the island. You can watch the footage from the YouTube videos below.

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In a previous interview with The Sun, Bracco said he traveled to the island with his friend Jon Megna, ultimately visiting the location twice. According to Bracco, they dodged security guards and cameras as they snuck through the 70-acre island, coming across Epstein's landmark structures like the temple and the sundial. At one point in time, Epstein and his powerful friends would use these for lavish parties, and there's a sense of eeriness to see it completely deserted, especially given the history of the island.

"I sat down on one of the benches by the mausoleum - that temple type area," Bracco told The Sun. "Just sitting there knowing who has sat there before and the figures who have been there, it was surreal and it was unreal." As far as how they managed to pull off the trip undetected, Bracco added: "We got pretty lucky. But we planned it a few months ahead, spoke to locals and we knew what we were dealing with. I wouldn't suggest anyone go there unless you really know what you are doing."

Though it's all but abandoned, the island was in rather good shape aside from some typical storm damage. Parts of the island also still had electricity and even the swimming pool was clean. A tennis court had been demolished just prior to the trip, and the place seemed like it's been fairly well maintained despite Epstein's death in prison. Bracco also says he was contacted by "shadowy" people since embarking on the journey, but hasn't faced any legal trouble as of this point.

A wealthy financier, Epstein was known to host private parties for many high-profile celebrities and politicians. He is even more well-known for the allegations of sex trafficking leveled against him along with his subsequent arrest in 2019. His mysterious death in prison one month later has come under great scrutiny. Officially, it is said that Epstein died by suicide in his jail cell, but many are convinced he was murdered to ensure his silence.

What prompted the exploration of the Epstein island in the Virgin Islands was specifically due to rumors of underground tunnels connected to the structures. No evidence of any tunnels was discovered, but Bracco still managed to capture plenty of interesting footage. You can see more clips from Bracco along with explorations of other locations by following him on TikTok, and you can also see more clips on his channel at YouTube.