Jeffrey Katzenberg told many interested parties not to get their hopes up for the Shrek the Third DVD.

In a story from Home Media Magazine, at "the Merrill Lynch Media & Entertainment Conference Sept. 18, DreamWorks Animation SKG CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg reiterated what he said during the company's second quarter earnings call July 31: Shrek the Third will do well on DVD, but don't expect any records."

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Shrek the Third comes to DVD November 13.

"I'm confident it will be among the top performers for the holidays, but there are a couple things going on in the video market that make us cautious," Katzenberg said.

He then called the other "box office hits" coming out around that time the "greatest lineup ever," and even admitted it was a "soft market for DVD at retail this year."

Lastly, Katzenberg stated that, "The category as a whole is going to be very strong, but there's going to be some cannibalization."

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