The Break-Up opened strong on Friday and kept up the attendance; the Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn romantic comedy won the weekend box office with $38 million dollars. Opening day totals for the Universal film was $13.7 million, says Box Office Mojo, and grew from there on Saturday with $14.7 million.

Jen and Vince stole the thunder from X-Men: The Last Stand which obviously broke records last weekend; the third installment of the mutant trilogy made $34.3 million over the weekend and came in second. That puts its total up to $175 million; look for it to hit the $200 million mark by next weekend.

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DreamWorks Animation's Over the Hedge is still kicking strong in third place raking in $20.6 million this weekend. The Bruce Willis/Garry Shandling headed family film has stayed in the top 3 all three weeks of release taking in $112 million total.

The Da Vinci Code came in fourth place with $19.3 million; the total domestically is $172.6 million. However, overseas, the Sony film won the international box office again with $51 million. With the foreign total at $409, that puts its worldwide sum at $581.6; the Tom Hanks thriller is only $6 million away from making it Columbia Pictures all time international film.

The other Tom, Cruise that is, hasn't faired very well at the box office. Mission: Impossible III finished fifth this weekend with a significant drop off of only $4.7 million. That brings the total to a disappointing $122 million. Surprising as that might sound, Paramount was hoping for at least $150 million at this time.

Finishing just out of the top 5 was Poseidon with $3.4 million in sixth place; the Warner Bros. remake has only tapped out $51.6 million. The film opened worldwide this weekend and faired better than expected, but nothing like the studio expected.

It was the lucky number seven spot for Sony's RV; the Robin Williams comedy raced in with $3.3 million to bring its six week total up to $61.8 million.

In eighth place, WWE and Lionsgate's See No Evil with a very impressive $2 million. The film, starring WWE wrestler Kane, has made $12.3 million since the horror's May 19th open. WWE is extremely happy with the response the flick has received; on their official website, and on their nationally televised shows, they have thanked fans for the support.

Al Gore has entered the top 10 films for the weekend at number 9 with his global warming-based documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. In a surprising move, the film took in $1.3 million over the weekend to bring the total up to nearly $2 million. Distributor, Paramount Classics is donating part of the profits from the film to help global warming.

Coming in tenth place, Lindsay Lohan's comedy, Just My Luck, which just hasn't found any luck at the box office. The Fox flick only brought in $825,000 over the weekend taking the total up to $15.5 million.

Hopefully, Lindsay will have better luck with her next film, A Prairie Home Companion; that opens this coming Friday, June 9th.

But look for a huge opening weekend for Disney and Pixar's Cars, also opening June 9th; check out Movieweb's full week's schedule of EXCLUSIVE interviews right here with the cast and crew of the animated movie.