Screen Gems and Jennifer Aniston's production company Echo Films are teaming up for Holler (aka Mutt), written by Dana Adam Shapiro, about lingering racial tensions in the Deep South.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film will be produced by Aniston's partner at Echo Films, Kristin Hahn, along with Tracey Durning. Aniston will executive produce with Jeff Mandel.

Inspired by true events, the script centers on a biracial high school student who returns with his white mother to her hometown in Mississippi, where he falls for a white girl. When prom season arrives at the high school, he is shocked to discover that she cannot be his date at the segregated prom. He soon finds himself the catalyst for change for not only the prom but for the school and entire town.

HBO on Monday aired a documentary on the subject titled "Prom Night in Mississippi."

No production date has been set.