Recently, the long awaited Friends reunion was released on HBO Max. The moment was notable for all involved, particularly Jennifer Aniston. She shared a number of behind the scenes images to be seen by her fans. All images can be viewed on Aniston's Instagram page.

The opening shot features Jennifer Aniston along with the main cast of the beloved sitcom. She is posed taking a selfie while the whole group is huddled together. According to Friends: The Reunion, they all keep in fairly regular contact with each other. However, they likely do not see one another in person nearly as much as when the series was on the air. Given that they described each other as a family, it is nice to see people who were so close all together again. All of them seem to get along just as well as they did when the show was airing.

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Additionally, a separate image has costar David Schwimmer next to the Bieber couple. Justin Bieber was dressed as the Holiday Armadillo from one of the many holiday themed episodes. The social media picture did not have him in the outfit. Hailey Bieber, who did not appear in the special, was in the behind the scenes pic. Jennifer Aniston, who, along with Schwimmer, admitted they had a crush on each other, was not in the second pic. The Ross actor is making a funny face next to the married couple. A caption for the image read, "When two TOTALLY different worlds collide - @_schwim_'s face says it all." An interesting fact is that Justin Bieber was born just a couple months before the series' pilot episode in 1994.

Next, a third picture has Aniston in close proximity to James Burrows. For those who don't know, Burrows was the director of season 1 of the iconic television show. He was the cause for the group previously coming back together in 2016. In that instance, everyone but Matthew Perry was able to come. Perry at the time showed up via a recorded video as he was working in a United Kingdom theatre production. That particular reunion had a setting on a large red couch. NBC showcased a tribute to the creative force who did work on Friends, Cheers, Taxi, and Will and Grace.

A final image moves away from live action. It is an illustrated drawing of the main group. They are all resting in or against the giant couch. In the background is the infamous fountain from the opening credits. Said fountain also served as the interview location for the special. The caption for that particular picture says, "Could this be any more of a small outdoor gathering with vaccinated friends?" Words in the quote pay obvious homage to the iconic recurring line from the series.

Alongside the slideshow in which the images were presented, Aniston had a sweet message. The actress wrote, "Still basking in all the love from the #FriendsReunion. Thank you each and every one of you." A day such as that was clearly emotional for those who spent years as a part of one of the most loved shows in television history.

Aniston is not alone in feeling happiness of the day of the reunion. During the Memorial Day weekend, Monica star Courtney Cox shared something via social media. Unlike her costar, Cox's post came in the form of a video. In the post, she is doing a reenactment of the hilarious dance between her and her onscreen brother Ross. This time, however, she performed the routine with Ed Sheeran instead of David Schwimmer. Like Hailey Bieber, Sheeran was not present in the onscreen reunion. However, given that there were numerous celebrity guest stars, from Lady Gaga to David Beckham, the appearance of the singer is not too surprising. The Friends reunion can be watched via HBO Max.