Jennifer Aniston is in early talks to star in Mean Moms for New Line Cinema. The studio hasn't given a green light yet, but if the actress' deal closes, the project is expected to move forward quickly.

The comedy is based on the advice book entitled Queen Bee Moms & Kingpin Dads by Rosalind Wiseman, who also wrote the book Queen Bees and Wannabes, which was adapted into the 2004 comedy Mean Girls. While this project isn't exactly a sequel to Mean Girls, it is said to be in the same spirit. Here's the official description of the book, which was published in 2007.

"What happens to Queen Bees and Wannabes when they grow up?

Even the most well-adjusted moms and dads can experience peer pressure and conflicts with other adults that make them act like they're back in seventh grade. In Queen Bee Moms & Kingpin Dads, Rosalind Wiseman gives us the tools to handle difficult situations involving teachers and other parents with grace.

Queen Bee Moms & Kingpin Dads is filled with the kind of true stories that made Wiseman's New York Times bestselling book Queen Bees and Wannabes impossible to put down. There are tales of hardworking parents with whom any of us can identify, along with tales of outrageously bad parents-the kind we all have to reckon with. For instance, what do you do when parents donate a large sum of money to a school and their child is promptly transferred into the honors program-while your son with better grades doesn't make the cut? What about the mother who helps her daughter compose poison-pen e-mails to yours? And what do you say to the parent-coach who screams at your child when the team is losing? Wiseman offers practical advice on avoiding the most common parenting "land mines" and useful scripts to help you navigate difficult but necessary conversations."

The story will center on a happily-married mother of two from a small town, who moves to a ritzy suburb, where she is introduced to the world of competitive parenting. Beth McCarthy-Miller is directing, with Offspring Entertainment's Adam Shankman and Jennifer Gibgot producing, along with Jill Messick. No production schedule was given.

Jennifer Aniston most recently starred in the New Line comedy We're the Millers, and she will next be seen in Horrible Bosses 2.