For those who've ever sat around and pondered what Jennifer Garner might look like as a bearded man, you can stop guessing. The actress has posted a photo of herself looking unrecognizable as a dude with red facial hair. The Golden Globe Award winning actress posted this throwback image from the set of a movie that never happened, as a way to celebrate the New Year, with a caption that partially reads, "new year, new me." The picture has gained a lot of attention and for the record, Jennifer Gardner makes for a good looking dude.

The image actually dates back to 2011 on the set of an unnamed movie that never got made because Jennifer Garner was pregnant with her and ex-husband Ben Affleck's youngest child. Garner's post was accompanied with the hashtag, "babies are better than movies," which is debatable, but it's her own opinion here. The post by the 45-year old actress has been liked more than 33,000 times, with some people commenting that Jennifer Garner, here, looks a lot like actors Eddie Redmayne, Ryan Reynolds, and James Franco. Basically she looks like every actor with stubble and reddish hair.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck announced their split in June of 2015 in a joint statement that said that they were going to remain loving friends and share custody of their two daughters. The couple's divorce was finalized in 2017 and since then, Affleck has starred as Batman in Batman v Superman and the Justice League movie. The two recently spent the holidays together in Montana with their two children, away from Hollywood and all of the press that hounds the former couple while they're in California.

Jennifer Garner has recently been in the news for reading to her chicken on social media. The actress read to a tiny chick while spoofing the word gap that human children can go through in households that do not speak or read to their children regularly. The actress humorously captioned the video, "Did you know that by five years, old, poor chickens will have heard 30 million fewer words than their middle class counterparts?" Garner than declared that people need to find a way to read and talk to their chickens as much as they possibly can to lessen the chicken word gap.

Other than the random humorous social media posts, Jennifer Garner has mostly stayed out of the spotlight. She'll be seen on the big screen this year in the upcoming Love, Simon, which is currently in post-production and comes out March 16th, 2018. Never mind all of that though, it's the picture of Garner as a dude that everyone is here to see, so check it out below, courtesy of Jennifer Garner's Instagram account and then also make sure to check out the video of her talking to the little baby chick to make sure it doesn't fall behind in school.

Kevin Burwick