Elektra: Jennifer Garner (13 Going On 30) came out to support the DVD release of Alias: The Complete Third Season, but reporters on the scene made sure to corner her for some Elektra details. Since she last talked to press, Garner said she was happy with the remainder of the, now completed, film’s work.

“The rest of the shoot went really well,” Garner said. “We had a few more big fights. We shot all the big finale stuff. It continued to be rough and tumble and really fun.”

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Garner went on to detail some of the intense fight scenes, showing off some remaining scratches on her hands. “They were the toughest fights I’ve ever done. I fought five guys with a bo stick, five ninjas. That was pretty intense. And I had a fight with my sais against two kitanas. I kept getting bonked and there was some bloodshed there. That was pretty intense as well.”

Now working on the fourth season of Alias, Garner is still surprised to be the action hero. “If you’d ever told me that I would be shooting a fight scene, and that I would be like, ‘Yeah, you know, I need to go shoulder to shoulder…’ if you’d ever told me that I would know what that was about ever at all, I wouldn’t have believed you.”

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