Elektra: According to USA Today, the upcoming Daredevil spin-off, starring Jennifer Garner, will supposidly have a "female foil"...

Jennifer Garner says she will have “a female foil” in Elektra, her Daredevil spinoff set to film in May. “I'm getting ready to train to battle Typhoid Mary,” she says. RELATED: Charlie Cox Says 'Be Careful What You Wish For' About Daredevil Return

Elektra producer Gary Foster, who with co-producer Avi Arad helped choose the supervillain, says, “Typhoid Mary is a psychotic. By day she's this normal woman, and at night she loses her mind and drives you into this disease, where you literally get typhoid.”

Comic book aficionado (and Jersey Girl director) Kevin Smith, who appeared in Daredevil as a lab assistant, says Typhoid Mary was one of his favorite Marvel Comics villains. “She was always a hot character,” says Smith, “someone Daredevil could sleep with and fight at the same time.”