In a recent sit down with MovieHole, actress/singer, Jennifer Lopez, who stars in the upcoming comedy, Monster-in-Law, talked about the future of her film career and what we can expect from it...

Lopez, who’s enjoyed a varied film career, with equal doses of success and failure, is set to put her movie career back in full gear. She is about to begin shooting the drama Bordertown, who first directed Lopez in 1997 Selena. “It’s about the kinds of serial killing that’s going on there and I play a reporter,” she adds, smilingly. Lopez will next be seen in Lasse Hallström’s An Unfinished Life, co-starring Robert Redford and Morgan Freeman. “I play the daughter-in-law to Robert Redford. It’s another in-law movie in a way, but it’s a small movie. It’s a drama about forgiveness.”

Following Bordertown, Lopez is doing two more dramas, beginning with “El Con Dante or Who killed Pepe Lavoy. I’m also the producer, so I’m not sure what we’re going to call it yet.” And Lopez also confirms that she is set to finally star in Carmen, which she has been trying to get made for several years. It appears that La Lopez has a lot to prove and intends doing just that.

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