Fox has made a script commitment to a one-hour legal/family drama to be written and executive produced by Alfonso Moreno (The Practice). Nuyorican Productions principals Jennifer Lopez and Simon Fields, as well as Ross Fineman through his deal with Fox Television Studios, will also executive produce along with Charles Glen and Barbara Cox. Serving as producer is Nuyorican's Matt Robertson. The script is based on the life of Isaac Guillen, who will also serve as a consultant on the project

Tentatively entitled Brethren, the project is inspired by a true story. It revolves around a former gangbanger with a multiple-felony record who turns his life around and becomes a defense attorney. With a mandatory 25-to-life term if he's ever convicted of another felony, the challenge for the main character is that both the D.A.'s office and the police believe that he's corrupt while his clients believe that he's corruptible.

Moreno, himself a former practicing attorney, says, "I really love the inherent tension for our main character. He has to work to walk the straight and narrow. In his professional life, law enforcement is trying to trip him up and criminal forces are lurking to suck him in. His home life is equally tricky in that he has to be the ultimate 'Do what I say, not what I did' single parent."

Says Lopez, "What interested me was the fine line the character must constantly walk in terms of both his professional and personal life, and the fact that it comes from a true-life story makes it all the more compelling."