Former House star Jennifer Morrison has landed the lead role in the ABC pilot Once Upon a Time. We reported earlier this month that actress Ginnifer Goodwin had also signed onto star in this fantasy series.

Jennifer Morrison will play Anna, a woman who discovers the sleepy town of Storybrook, where fictional fairy tales seem to come to life. Ginnifer Goodwin will play Snow White/Sister Mary Blanchard and Lana Parrilla will play the Evil Queen who has most of Storybrook under her spell.

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Joshua Dallas, Jamie Dornan, and Jared Gilmore have also been cast in the pilot. Joshua Dallas will play Prince Charming, Jamie Dornan is set for Storybrook's sheriff while Jared Gilmore plays the pivotal role of Henry, Anna's young son who is the only one in town who isn't under the Queen's spell. Henry seeks out to find his mother and brings her to Storybrook to help defeat the Queen.

Tron: Legacy screenwriters Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis created the show, with Mark Mylod directing the pilot episode.