While on the set of Resident Evil: Extinction in Mexico City, we caught up with Jeremy Bolt, the producer of all three film, talked about some of his future projects with long-time partner, Paul W.S. Anderson - the writer of the Resident Evil movies as well.

Jeremy mentioned he and Paul are in development for a remake of the 1975 film, Death Race 2000, saying, "Yep, Paul came in and wrote the script and we're a lot closer; we've basically taken the idea of reality television and extended it 20 years. So it's definitely a comment on society and particularly reality television, but it is not as much a satire as the original; it's more straight ahead." Unfortunately, there's no word on if Sly Stallone will be appearing in this updated version.

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Bolt also discussed a film adaptation of the ever popular Nintendo game, Castlevania - whip and all included! Jeremy said, "What Paul and I have done is we're trying to integrate a Dracula-origin story with Castlevania, the story of the Belmonts. There is a fair amount of reference; we always try to give the fans something that respects their love of the game, but also gives them something completely new. We've added a whole new spin on Castlevania."

Finally, we got word about the upcoming DOA: Dead or Alive film from Dimension, which Jeremy and Paul both worked on. "a lot of fun; we've really tried to - what's great about DOA is fantastic fighting opportunities, and also this sexiness with the volleyball, with the islands. It's very PG-13, in the sense that it's not a horror film, some phenomenal fighting sequences. We worked with Corey Yuen, he did The Transporter movies; and we went to China, I went to China for eight months making it. With all the stunt people on set, it's fantastic, the fighting. But also, it's sexy."

Jeremy talked more about RE3, but you'll have to wait for those details. Stay tuned to Movieweb for all the goods!