Jeremy Piven stars in next month's The Kingdom. He recently caught up with MTV, and told them he had just been signed to the new Will Ferrell/Adam McKay flick Don Ready.

Piven stated, "I'm gonna start a movie that Will Ferrell and Adam McKay are producing called Don Ready. That's an exclusive. No one knows about that." The film is so secretive, the only thing known about it, is that it's a comedy. Piven is shooting it next spring, before the impending film production strike.

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Jeremy continued by saying, "We're going to start that soon. I hope you're ready for Don Ready. I can't tell you too much - I probably wasn't supposed to tell you that. Now they'll probably take me and beat me - and I will take my lumps."

About an Entourage feature film, Piven said, "With Entourage, we have the last three episodes coming up, and we're gonna end with such a bang. We were over shooting in Cannes and we'd do guerilla-style; we'd just take a camera and run. And because they're used to so many cameras in Cannes, they wouldn't think anything of it. So we'd get shots with hundreds of Parisian people walking past the frame - it'll look big and lush. I'm really proud of this season. Ultimately, it would be fun to make a movie. That would be fun - Entourage: The Movie would be really fun."

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