There was a rumor flying around last year that Jeremy Renner was set to play Hawkeye in Thor before the rumor was shot down at the end of the year. Now Heat Vision Blog is reporting that Renner is in final negotiations to play Hawkeye, in The Avengers.

The initial rumor was that Renner might appear as a cameo in Thor and reprise his role in The Avengers. At the time, Renner was considering roles in both Battleship and an untitled Paul Thomas Anderson film. It was said that Renner never signed on to Battleship and the Anderson project has been stalled by financing.

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Now it was said that if Renner signs on to The Avengers, he could still appear in the Anderson film if the film starts up again.

Marvel didn't officially confirm the story as of yet, but we'll be sure to keep you posted on this new story as soon as we have more information.