Actor Jeremy Renner is branching out into the production side, forming a new company called The Combine where he will develop a biopic on legendary actor Steve McQueen. Jeremy Renner plans to both produce the untitled biopic and star as Steve McQueen.

Ivan Zacharias, a music video director, will make his feature directorial debut on this project, working from a script by James Gray (We Own the Night). The script will be adapted from two books on the actor by Marshall Terrill entitled Portrait of an American Rebel and The Life and Legend of a Hollywood Icon.

Oddly enough, we reported in January 2009 that producers Michael Cerenzie and Christine Forsyth-Peters acquired the rights to Portrait of an American Rebel for a movie adaptation. It isn't clear if Jeremy Renner picked up the rights through those producers, or if they will be involved in the project. It is possible that those rights expired, which were picked up by Jeremy Renner's group.

Greg Shapiro, Brian Oliver, and Nick Landon will produce this untitled biopic. No production schedule was given.