It seems that producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Walt Disney Pictures are teaming up once again on a new film project. Variety is reporting that Bruckheimer and Disney have picked up the new space adventure film Light Speed.

The film was written by Deja Vu screenwriters Terry Rossio and Bill Marsilii, in a pitch deal that was said to be one of the richest sales of the year so far. It was said the writers received over $1 million against $3.5 million if the film is produced. Rossio and Marsilii's Deja Vu still holds the record for the highest spec script sale, which Bruckheimer and Disney shelled out $8 million for back in 2004.

The film was said to center around a young space pilot who lands a spot on the Earth Interstellar Racing Team and will take his ship across the galaxy as an interstellar war approaches. It was said that Bruckheimer had envisioned the film as a live-action 3D project.

No production schedule was given for the film.