Jerry Bruckheimer has picked up rights to Derek Haas' short story titled Shake, and set the writer to develop into a feature-length screenplay.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the origin of Haas' story was a new site called that he recently created for TV and film writers to showcase their pulpy short fiction. Among the contributors are Craig Mazin (Superhero Movie), Scott Frank (The Lookout), Jeff Lowell (Over Her Dead Body) and Nichelle D. Tramble (Women's Murder Club).

"I wanted to create a place where new popular short fiction could flourish and Hollywood could have a new resource for cultivating great ideas," Haas says on the site.

Bruckheimer apparently visited the site, loved Haas' story of an FBI agent chasing a killer while he begins to lose control of his own body and bought the idea for a potential Disney film.

No production date has been set.