Super producer Jerry Bruckheimer talked with us recently in New York and dropped some tasty tidbits on his upcoming slate. He's got a busy year planned with the sequels to Pirates of the Caribbean and National Treasure 2 being shot. Jerry also spilled the beans on Déjà Vu with Denzel Washington and the live action adaptation of the popular video game, Prince of Persia.

Jerry Bruckheimer: We started filming yesterday in the Bahamas. We're finishing Two, I think we have five or six more days left on two and then we're done for it. We'll break in March and edit two, and go back in the end of the summer and finish three. So that's what's going on. We're starting a picture in New Orleans, which I think is the first film to be shot in New Orleans since Katrina, in February with Denzel Washington and Tony Scott directing. Tony did Top Gun with me and Enemy of the State and Crimson Tide. We've done a lot of movies together.

Is Déjà Vu, the Denzel film, also a Disney film?

Jerry Bruckheimer: I'm under contract with Disney. They have right of first refusal on all our projects. National Treasure, we came up with a wonderful idea in American history that's a jumping off point for National Treasure Two. Nick [Cage] is excited about doing the movie and likes the idea. So hopefully we'll get that done towards the end of the year. We have another film called ‘Prince of Persia', which is a big video game; we're considering doing; along with another film called ‘Un-Natural History' that we're working on. Those are the things that are pretty close.