Jerry Seinfeld has confirmed that a Seinfeld reunion is happening, though he will not yet reveal what the project is. After the comedian was spotted walking into Tom's Restaurant with his former co-star Jason Alexander on /jerry-seinfeld-and-jason-alexander-spotted-outside-toms-restaurant/January 16, many people thought they were either shooting an episode of Jerry's webseries Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee or they were shooting a Super Bowl ad. Neither of those things is true.

Though, Jerry Seinfeld does later tease that maybe it is one of those things. What we know so far, after the comedian talked with WFAN's Boomer & Carton show, is that Jason Alexander is in fact reprising his role as George Costanza, and other cast members will appear. Seinfeld creator Larry David is involved, but he will not be seen in front of the camera or heard. The project will last longer than 60 seconds, but its 'short-ish' in form. It is a onetime thing, and it will take place in other locations besides Monk's Diner, which is in reality Tom's Restaurant.

At the time of shooting, Tom's was closed for a few hours, with all of the shades drawn and electrical cables running into the establishment, where camera crews were hidden away inside. Some of the crew crates outside the establishment were marked 'Comedians', which is why some people thought it was an episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

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But don't count on that, says Jerry Seinfeld, who also rules out the idea that we might see him this Sunday during the Big Game.

"It's neither. But it is not 'not' those things either. It's a secret project. I told you what it isn't. But I told you that it's not that, either. It was filmed. It is 'short-ish' form. [Jason Alexander] was playing George. Yeah. George. You want to know if Larry David was involved? He was involved."

When asked when we'd all get to see the secret Seinfeld reunion, Jerry teased...

"Very, very soon...I think its one and done.

So, what could this mystery project be? A lot of folks still believe it is for a 90 second Super Bowl ad that will run this Sunday, February 2nd, but that has been confirmed by no one. You can watch the full interview here:

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