Jerry Seinfeld explains what it was about this show that compelled his big screen return

Because it's one of the more interesting comedies on television, 30 Rock always manages to push the envelope of the show in new directions. The new season of this show about a show kicks off on October 4, and they are beginning things in splendid fashion by having Jerry Seinfeld guest star on the opening episode. Recently, Seinfeld took part in a discussion about the show.

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What brings Mr. Jerry Seinfeld to 30 Rock?

Jerry Seinfeld: I'm a big fan of the show. I'm a big fan of Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey, and I just thought it would be fun, actually. And they thought it would be fun. And I like the show and so why not.

Well, Alec had said you knew his father.

Jerry Seinfeld: Alec and I grew up in the same town. We weren't friends as kids, but I knew his dad. His dad was a football coach at my high school, and I was always aware of him in my high school. And I was always aware of him, you know, and all the crazy Baldwin brothers. And so it was just fun. I've always wanted to work with Alec, and I love Tina's work. So it seemed like a great opportunity.

Well, it's really high testimony for the show since this is your first appearance.

Jerry Seinfeld: It's my first time guest-starring on a sitcom ever. Yeah, it's fun.

Warm, fuzzy feeling there. Is this a promotion of Bee Movie?

Jerry Seinfeld: It really had nothing to do with Bee Movie. And they put it in the script. I really didn't ask them to. But everybody thought it was funny, so we are doing it. But it really wasn't -- it wasn't supposed to be that. It was just supposed to be on NBC. And NBC is promoting the movie. And I'm doing some interstitial comedy vignettes for them that I call TV juniors, little one-minute long comedy pieces. But this was, like, a separate thing. But it turned out that they came up with this very funny idea of Jack Doneghy coming up with SeinfeldVision, and they would put me digitally in all these NBC shows. It was funny.

Why should people watch this season of 30 Rock?

Jerry Seinfeld: I feel like there's something about the tone of this show that feels very fresh and funny. It's just got the right -- what I look for, it's just that comedic tone that just hits right, and it's a funny show. That's what everyone is looking for. When you're making a show, you try to just find that feel, that vibe, that universe that's just silly and fun to be in. This show seems to have that.

The Second Season of 30 Rock begins October 4 at 8:30 PM on NBC.

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