Jesse Eisenberg's brief stint as Lex Luthor seems to be all but over with no Justice League or Superman sequels currently in the works, but if it's up to Eisenberg, he'll one day get the chance to reprise the role. First appearing as Lex in the crossover movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice alongside Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, Eisenberg would reprise the role for a post-credit scene at the end of Justice League. He hasn't been seen as the sinister supervillain since, and it doesn't appear we'll be seeing him again anytime soon, if ever again.

Some DC fans may like to see what happens next with Jesse Eisenberg's take on Lex Luthor, and as it turns out, Eisenberg himself is among them. Speaking in a recent interview, Eisenberg was directly asked if he would be up for ever playing the role again if the opportunity were to present itself. For his part, the actor makes it clear he'd jump at the chance to step back into the DCEU as he really enjoyed his time in the role. From the interview:

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"Oh yeah, I would love to, because it's such a cool character. To play a villain in a superhero movie is the fun part. The good guys are fine, but the villain is the fun part, because they get to be a little more flamboyant. Of course, the hero usually gets to survive, but the villain has all the funny lines. I don't know about the first part, but the second part is something I can be involved in, sure."

Eisenberg's version of Lex as seen in Batman v Superman was certainly a much different portrayal of the supervillain than DC fans are accustomed to. Initially long-haired, Eisenberg's Lex was later seen with his trademark bald scalp at the end of the movie when the character cuts his hair while incarcerated for his crimes. We saw him again at the end of Justice League when Lex breaks out of prison and reveals his plans to set up the Legion of Doom to take on the titular superhero team in a potential sequel.

At this point, Eisenberg's status as Lex Luthor is still up in the air, as Warner Bros. have made some major changes to their plans for upcoming DC-based movies. As Justice League fell short of studio expectations, the planned sequel has since stalled in development hell. The productions of Joker and The Batman also suggest Warner Bros. is putting more focus on standalone movies set outside of the DCEU, though the latter universe still hasn't been abandoned with upcoming Aquaman and Wonder Woman sequels. Perhaps if Man of Steel 2 ever comes to be, Jesse Eisenberg will have his shot.

Who knows if we'll ever see Eisenberg back as Lex Luthor again some day, but there's still plenty of other opportunities for us to see him in new roles on the big screen. He can next be seein in the Marcel Marceau biopic Resistance from Jonathan Jakubowicz. The movie is scheduled to be released on March 27. This news comes to us from INTHEPANDA on YouTube.