We've heard a lot about Lex Luthor's look in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but we've yet to see a set photo of Jesse Eisenberg in action. He is currently shooting scenes in Detroit, Michigan, but no one has been able to capture him anywhere near the set. Leave it to David Kwong, the master magician who helped perfect all of the illusions for Now You See Me, to land the first photo of Jesse Eisenberg as he may appear in the DC Comics movie. David Kwong was in Michigan last night performing for the Ford Motor Company, and snapped this picture as he caught up with his old friend after the show.

While initial reports claimed that Jesse Eisenberg would have a mop of bleached hair reminiscent of Kurt Cobain, it was later believed that he was going to have shoulder length red hair, as Lex does in the early comic books. That appears to be the case here, as the actor has clearly dyed his hair a reddish color.

Also spotted out and about was Tao Okamoto, who is believed to be playing Lex Luthor's assistant Mercy Graves. The actress posted a photo of herself. Is this what Lex's right hand man and limo driver looks like in the movie?

If that is indeed Lex's new look, what do you think?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange