Jesse James has signed onto an exclusive two-year deal with Spike TV. According to Variety, he will produce a new series and a number of specials in which he will also star in.

Spike TV's Sharon Levy stated, "This is a big get for us. Jesse James embodies our brand perfectly. We convinced him that our viewers are his fans." James, himself, said, "I spent seven years altogether at Discovery, but the network kept trying to water me down and never really did anything to show its appreciation. It cared more about bugs and dinosaurs."

Metal Church is the first show to likely emerge from this deal. It is a "do-it-yourself" instructional program that will be toplined by James himself. The pilot has already gotten the go ahead from Spike.

In all, James is planning to produce at least four series and four prime time specials. The first of which is likely to air in the second quarter of 2008.