Frank Snepp, head of the CIA's strategic analysis division in Saigon during the Vietnam War, is having his story transformed into a telefilm for HBO entitled Irreparable Harm. According to Variety, the screenplay was written by Eragon's Jesse Wigutow and will be directed by Eugene Jarecki.

The story will follow Snepp's return to the United States after the fall of Saigon. Conflicted over what really happened there, he revels that the U.S. actually withdrew itself from Vietnam. The script is mostly be based on Snepp's second book Irreparable Harm: A Firsthand Account of How One Agent Took on the Agency in an Epic Battle Over Free Speech, which centered on his court battle with the CIA. Snepp is currently a news producer at KNBC.

The film will go into production before the end of the year and will air sometime in early 2009.