Jessica Alba's pregnancy has gotten a lot of attention, and people have invariably wondered if the star's new status as "mommy" would make her more inclined to portray her character from Fantastic Four as a mother. Fortunately for us, MTV was willing to ask her about how the Invisible Woman would handle being pregnant.

Alba responded:

I think she'd be pretty funny about it, definitely a good sense of humor about it. And you kinda do when you're pregnant. You kinda have to laugh at it and surrender a bit, because your body's being taken over by this other thing completely.

We reported here that Alba would be interested in seeing the birth of Franklin Richards used as a plot point for Fantastic Four 3, and this off-the-cuff comment seems to further support it.

In the comics, Alba's character, the Invisible Woman, is well known for being both a mother and a superheroine. Her son, Franklin, has frequently been a focal point for stories involving the Fantastic Four.