Jessica Biel talks vampires in Blade: Trinity

You didn't get free iPods for the movie?

Jessica Biel: No. Apple/Mac didn't give us anything. They were really stingy.

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So it wasn't intentional product placement?

Jessica Biel: I don't know, but David said the other day people think we must be getting so much free stuff but we didn't get anything.

Do you have an iPod and what's on your play list?

Jessica Biel: I don't even have a play list. I'm a little bit challenged in that area. I do have an iPod. I have a bunch of different stuff; Led Zeppelin, Christina Aguilera, Bob Marley, Damien Rice, Maroon 5.

How many people have asked you the ipod question today?

Jessica Biel: I think three.

In all of your press?

Jessica Biel: This is my first day, the first press day for us at all, so only about three so far.

Get ready.

Jessica Biel: Okay, thanks.

Have you lost some of your muscle definition since the film wrapped?

Jessica Biel: I'm trying to stay in the middle range size-wise so I can get big really quickly or get small really quickly.

What kind of training did you do?

Jessica Biel: I was in the gym six days a week for a couple of hours a day and then an hour of fight training, an hour of archery and a super-strict diet throughout the whole movie.

Was it a lot of heavy weights?

Jessica Biel: Yeah, heavy weightlifting for bulk. To bulk up in the beginning, then once I got to a certain size it was a more a maintaining and lots of cardio to kind of lean as much we can down. That's why I have those striations down my muscles. Work to build, then maintain, then lean it out as much as we could.

Was the archery training different because of metal arrows?

Jessica Biel: No, we didn't really start using the metal arrows until we were actually shooting. It didn't really make much of a difference. All it does is makes the arrow heavier and obviously more dangerous. I mean, it's a massive metal arrow. It's just a metal tip really. The actual arrow was metal, I think. Some part of it was metal. But it wasn't really that different. If I was going to be training for a competition or this movie, the training would still have been the same.

How do you play comic book exposition straight and resist camping it up?

Jessica Biel: Well, you just get into the mindset of believing the world that you're in and that it's really a serious issue and it's really a serious problem. You throw things away. You have to throw the dialogue away instead of putting the emphasis on the words, because then it gets campy. But if you throw it away and make it just like it's real and this is the deal that's going on, I think that then, hopefully, you can at least keep the dialogue away from sounding just corny or over the top or something like that.

How do you play the sensitive crying moments without losing your edge?

Jessica Biel: That's always difficult. I think there's just got to be a balance of vulnerability and being able to let go and be emotional in front of the camera, in front of the crew, in front of your actors. But at the same time, trying not to cry and that almost makes you cry more. If you're in an emotional state and then you try, "Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry." And show them that they got to you, it almost makes me cry more. I don't know why. I feel weird saying it. But I always think it's nice to see a vulnerable side of a character, even if she loses her edge for a minute. It's okay because she's multilayered as we all are and there is somewhere in her that she's a little girl who's scared and can she do this, does she want to do this? Her friend's just been killed, so I honestly think it's okay if you lose it for a little bit, you get it back really quickly.

What was the toughest fight move you could do yourself?

Jessica Biel: Okay, there was this move in the last fight sequence that I had, the one that cuts in between with mine and Blade. How do I describe it without standing up and doing it? I'm punching somebody like this and then I kick my leg and they push my leg and I go like this and back here I kick somebody that way. So it's like kick, kick and then bring it back. It was crazy.

Like a slingshot kick?

Jessica Biel: Yeah, I punch, I throw my leg and they almost like push it back. And my leg goes flying behind me and I have to keep my balance on my one leg and kick the guy behind me. And I did that. We did it. It took a while to get it right because the leg has to be in the right place and the head has to connect.

Could you kick yourself up from the ground?

Jessica Biel: Yes, that was me.

Was there anything you needed a stunt woman for?

Jessica Biel: Yes, breaking through glass. Or if they were shooting up at me and the glass was like they were hitting glass, it was exploding, then that was my stunt double. Anything that involved glass, I wasn't allowed to do.

When you see stuntwoman, do you notice difference?

Jessica Biel: Definitely. You just know the way that you move. I know that that's not me, but it goes by so quickly, the editing did such a great job that you would never know because it's so quick. Most of the time, it was me anyway, so it was just a quick moment for running away with the glass going, but I can tell. I can always tell.

What's the difference?

Jessica Biel: Well, our bodies look totally different.

Isn't that the point of the double, to look the same?

Jessica Biel: Well, they're similar, but we're just different. She doesn't look like me from the back. I mean, I notice it because I was a lot more built than my stunt double was. She was an amazing, amazing stunt double and an amazing martial artist, but I had been in the gym so much that I was even bigger than she was. I was totally ripped in my arms. So from the side or running, I can see when it's me, I can see my arms and hers are just a little bit different.

Some of the choreography is so fast. Can you talk about shooting something like that and how long it takes?

Jessica Biel: My last fight scene, which is cut in with Wes's scene, that took…I think that took two days to shoot because we shot it in one long master, basically, and it was 13 guys, one after the other after the other. It worked much better for me to keep doing it in one whole sequence then to chop it up because you lose your momentum coming from one person to the next. And yes we did pieces, but I was also working with the best stunt people ever. If I gave kind of a crappy punch they still sold it like I knocked them out so it was really half of our stunt's people fault that it looked so great. They do it for a living, we've only done it for four months. It was 14, 15 hours one day of just fighting all day long and after the day I was just wiped. Every muscle…I almost threw out my back. You get to the point where, ‘Holy crap I don't know if I'm going to survive it," but it was awesome, it was so much fun, I had such a good time doing it.

Did you have any injuries?

Jessica Biel: No I didn't. Not really. I have kind of a weak back anyway and I got a bit of a chiropractic adjustment, which kind of cleaned me right up so I think it could have been really bad if we hadn't taken care of it right away. I really didn't have any other injuries besides my knees and my shins. I looked like I had been hit by a sledgehammer. I was just bruised up and down. Colliding knees with shins and knees hitting corners. It was just a mess of knees hitting things, but that's it. I was really lucky.

What did you think first time you saw your fights cut with music?

Jessica Biel: I had a permanent grin on my face. It was really exciting. It's hard to believe that that was me and it looked so great and it looked so real. I really looked like I knew what I was doing. Not that I didn't at the time, but when it all comes together and it just looks so amazing, I was really, really excited about it.

How cold was your tummy in all the midriff shirts?

Jessica Biel: Did I wear a lot of midriff? I had one vest. I had a vest that was pretty chilly.

It's the same outfit, but the set must have been cold.

Jessica Biel: It's cold until you start to work and then you just forget about it unless you're outside. We were outside a couple times and it was really cold, and that was actually a time when I had a shirt that came all the way down and I had little hand warmers placed all around my stomach under my shirt to keep my core warm which was helpful, but it can get very cold.

Are you finishing your college education out here?

Jessica Biel: I haven't finished it. I don't want to finish it in LA. I don't know when I'm going to do this. I hope it doesn't just go on and on and years and years go by and I'm still going to do it. I'd like to finish it somewhere like NYU or something. I'd love to go to NY and just kind of go for a couple of years because I'd like to live there anyway before I have a family or anything like that. I'd love to do that for me, but I think maybe in the next couple of years if my career comes to a place where I feel comfortable enough to leave LA and be more of a New Yorker for a couple of years then I feel like I could maybe get it done.

Why don't you want to finish at Tufts?

Jessica Biel: I would if my friends were all still there. I went for a year, took a year off and went back again and now they've all graduated. So, for me to go back to Medford, Mass. Where I don't know anybody anymore it's like starting as a freshman all over again and like to choose something else, like go to NYU where I can live in an apartment and not have to be on campus or, I don't know, I wouldn't completely write off CA schools because there are some great schools here, but I don't know I've always had an affiliation of school equals east coast. I don't know why.

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