Blade: Trinity: The latest issue of Wizard Magazine has been spewing all kinds of news from the comic-to-film adaptation front lately. Jessica Biel, who recently starred in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, talks about her role in the upcoming 3rd installment of the Blade franchise...

"Abigail is Whistler's daughter, so she's really mentally strong and kind of a closed-off person because she's had all this death in her family because of the vampires. I think she feels the need to [pursue] a lot of vengeance for her familiy. She's more of a stoic character-but incredibly smart and incredibly able, trained and deadly with her weapons. But she just does her job and moves along. She doesn't take it all in though; she just lets it all roll off of her. There are some vulnerable moments for her, but she's very stoic...We never actually see Whistler and Abigail together in this movie. I never get to shoot with Kris. But they don't have a close the movie goes on, Abigail begins to see Blade as a father figure because all her life she's heard about Blade".
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Thanks to DH for the transcription.