According to The Hollywood Reporter, CBS has greenlighted Sybil, an original movie based on Flora Rheta Schreiber's best-selling book that will star two-time Oscar winner Jessica Lange and Emmy winner Tammy Blanchard. Writer John Pielmeier (CBS' Hitler: The Rise of Evil) has adapted the book, which chronicles the real-life treatment from 1954-65 of a young woman who suffered from dissociative identity disorder, better known as multiple personality disorder.

The movie, to be directed by acclaimed TV director Joseph Sargent, centers on Sybil (Blanchard), who, after a suicide attempt, is introduced to psychiatrist Dr. Corneila Wilbur (Lange). During their sessions, Sybil, who confides that she frequently loses her memory and can't account for large blocks of time, slowly remembers the physical, emotional and sexual abuse to which she was subjected as a child by her mentally disturbed mother. During 11 years of treatments, 16 distinct personalities -- which Sybil had created to cope with the abuse -- emerge, each varying in age and personal appearance.