Mort, The Dead Teenager: The boys over at SuperHero Hype have uncovered some juicy bits on the comic adaptation Jessica Simpson has been rumored to be involved. It seems the project has turned out to be the big screen adaptation of Mort, The Dead Teenager:

the big screen adaptation of Marvel Comics' Mort, The Dead Teenager. Quentin Tarantino will executive produce. His production company, A Band Apart, and Madonna's Maverick Films will co-produce the film to be distributed by Dimension Films. According to Jessica's manager and father, she will play the female lead in the action comedy to be released in the summer of 2004.

The cult comic classic, from creator Larry Hama, is about a slacker teenager who is hit by a train and killed. After his death, he meets Teeth Death, who tells Mort that he must now haunt those that he knew in his life.

"The film is a completely unique look at adolescence as seen through the eyes of a fantasy. It speaks to teen-agers everywhere," Zachary Feurer, a producer at Maverick Films, said previously. "It's a teen comedy with a 'Beetlejuice' sensibility."

Stay tuned for more on this project...