A couple tidbits of casting news came across our desk this morning. According to Variety, Arrested Development's mother of the year Jessica Walters has just joined the cast of Henry Poole Is Here. Also, Erika Marozsan nabbed the lead in the independent drama The Ivory Trade.

In Henry Poole Is Here, Walters will play the mother of Henry Poole (Luke Wilson), a man who believes he only has six weeks to live. Instead of doing something worthwhile, he sinks into the back of his couch with a bag of cheetos and says good-bye to the world. This life of debauchery leads to a confrontation with his neighbors. Cheryl Hines and Adriana Barraza also star. Mark Pellington is directing.

Marozsan is set to play a powerful piano teacher in the drama The Ivory Trade. The film, directed by Andrew W. Chan, revolves around two pianists taking part in an international music competition.

Both films are currently in the middle of shooting.