Kanye West and IMAX have partnered up for the release of the Jesus is King movie. The theatrical project is based on West's highly anticipated upcoming album of the same name. Fans of the rapper have been waiting a long time for the album, which was originally going to be called Yandhi. Over time, while stationed in a private ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, West started to morph the idea of Yandhi into something completely different, which was influenced by his famous Sunday Service performances.

The IMAX Jesus is King movie was shot over the summer and it features the Sunday Service group led by Kanye West. The rapper teased the album, along with the movie, in two surprise performances in Detroit and Chicago over this past weekend. Jesus is King will also spotlight artist James Turrell and his art installation Roden Crater, located in Arizona's Painted Desert. In anticipation of the release, IMAX and West have released a poster for the movie, which you can see below. The artwork is different from the album of the same name.

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Jesus is King will hit theaters on Friday, October 25th. At this time, it is unclear when the album will see the light of day. Fans were disappointed, though not surprised, to see the September 27th release date come and go. Def Jam even started teasing the album on social media last Thursday, which got fans hyped for a possible Friday release. Then there were the whispers that the album was going to drop this past Sunday after the Chicago performance, but that obviously didn't happen either.

It is believed Kanye West is still putting the final touches on Jesus is King while set up in Wyoming. The rapper is a notorious perfectionist and will tinker with things hours before the album or single is released. Producer Rick Rubin was spotted in Wyoming last week, so many believe the record is nearing completion. Rubin was brought on board during the final hours of the 2016's The Life of Pablo to give his thoughts and suggestions after previously working with West on 2013's Yeezus.

While Jesus is King and the Sunday Service performances seem to have their roots in spirituality, the album appears to be a gospel record, many Christians are already rejecting it. Most of the criticism comes from Kanye West's lyrics over the course of his career, some of which have been controversial. Others are afraid he is spreading the word of God in a blasphemous way. Regardless, the hype machine is in full effect with a backlash starting before anyone has even heard a note. After taking all of this time on the Jesus is King record, many are wondering when he'll get back to overseeing his Star Wars homes for the underprivileged. The Jesus is King news was first reported by Deadline.