It's been a long time coming, but Saw 8 is just around the corner. Despite the fact that Saw: The Final Chapter promised an end to the twisted murder games, Lionsgate couldn't resist giving us another installment of the legendary horror franchise this Halloween season. In order to scare up some excitement, the studio has released a brand new featurette for Jigsaw, which recaps the entire Saw franchise one gruesome kill at a time.

The featurette, titled The Philosophy of Jigsaw, reviews the reason that Tobin Bell's serial killer does what he does. As John Kramer reminds us in this video, "Those who don't appreciate life don't deserve it." The video opens up with a quick reminder of this exact philosophy, but then it transitions into a rapid-fire recap of some of the most iconic traps and kills, in order, from the entire franchise, leading up to some of the new Saw games we're going to see in Saw 8. This looks like it's going to be another truly brutal entry in the beloved horror series.

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Lionsgate has been pretty hush, hush about Jigsaw, almost to a suspicious degree. The movie comes out in less than two weeks and we've still only seen a single teaser trailer. What we do know is that the movie revolves around bodies turning up around the city and, as the investigation proceeds, evidence points to one man; John Kramer, aka the Jigsaw Killer. But how can this be? The man has (supposedly) been dead for over a decade, having met his demise in Saw III. Things are, as it appears, not so simple. John Kramer's legacy will continue in bloody fashion this Halloween season.

The Saw franchise has been on the shelf since 2010, so quite a few people may be a little rusty when it comes to the continuity. So something like this featurette may be helpful in this particular case. However, since the series has been away for so long, it may be a bit of a risk, considering how minimal Lionsgate's approach to the marketing for the movie has been. Then again, Jigsaw is set for release on October 27, which makes it the big horror release heading into Halloween weekend. That alone could make this movie a huge success and die-hard fans will be ready for a new entry after seven years.

Peter Spierig and Michael Spierig (Daybreakers, Predestination) directed Jigsaw. To date, the Saw franchise, which started in 2004 with James Wan's first movie, has grossed $873.3 million worldwide, making it one of the highest-grossing horror movie franchises of all time. Will Jigsaw manage to continue the hot streak? We'll soon find out. Be sure to check out the brand new Jigsaw featurette, courtesy of the Lionsgate Movies YouTube channel, for yourself below.