Do you want to play a game? It doesn't really matter if you want to or not because the Saw franchise is about to make its bloody return and, if you want to survive, you play the game. With San Diego Comic-Con officially upon us, Lionsgate decided that it would finally be the perfect time to release the very first trailer for Jigsaw, which teases the mysterious turn of the legendary horror icon. But hasn't he been dead for ten years? Maybe not.

Lionsgate Movies is bringing directors Peter Spierig and Michael Spierig (Daybreakers, Predestination) down to San Diego Comic-Con, as well as Jigsaw himself, Tobin Bell, in order to talk about and hype up the return of the Saw franchise, which has been dormant for seven years. Saw: The Final Chapter seemed to point to the series concluding, but that was merely misleading. With Jigsaw we are going to be getting plenty more violent, twisted murder games and a mystery that fans of the franchise are going to want resolved.

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The studio has been pretty tight-lipped on the plot details for Jigsaw up to this point, but this trailer gives us our first real look at Saw 8 and what it is going to be about. As we see in the footage, bodies start turning up all over the city with Jigsaw's mark clearly left all over them. Is it a copycat? Seems less likely when his DNA and some audio recordings of the famed killer start turning up with the bodies and at the gruesome sights of these twisted games. The trailer eventually moves to a bunch of cuts scenes showing off the wide array ofdeath traps that the characters are going to encounter in Jigsaw. And we could be in for some of the best ones yet. Specifically, that one in the silo looks super messed up.

Saw} is one of the highest-grossing horror franchise in history, with a combined $873.3 million worldwide, so it isn't a big surprise that Lionsgate is bringing the franchise back. It is also going to arrive just in time for Halloween, scheduled to arrive on October 27, 2017. This is poised to be the big release on Halloween weekend this year and, since there hasn't been a Saw movie for several years, and arguably hasn't been a solid entry in the franchise for even longer than that, this could wind up crushing it at the box office. One pretty cheesy joke that ruins a great moment aside, this is a great first trailer.

It is peculiar that Lionsgate decided to wait this long to release a trailer for Jigsaw, but given the heavily mysterious nature of it, this is starting to make more sense. Tobin Bell is going to be in it, but in what capacity? Are we just going to hear him in voiceovers? Or has Jigsaw somehow pulled a fast one over on all of us and managed to somehow survive the events of Saw III? Or maybe some sort of bizarre resurrection? We have lots of questions and this trailer offers precious few answers. But it's going to be more than enough to get horror fans in theaters. Be sure to check out the first trailer for Jigsaw for yourself below.