Lionsgate is aiming to bring Jigsaw back from the grave for yet another deadly game, with the studio actively developing Saw VIII. The last entry in the franchise, Saw 3D, hit theaters in October 2010.

The studio is currently seeking a new direction for the horror soap opera, which essentially paved the way for micro-budget thrillers such as Paranormal Activity and The Purge. There was speculation that Lionsgate wanted to reboot the entire concept, although insiders claim the studio wants to simply continue Jigsaw's story with yet another true sequel.

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Lionsgate is reportedly in no rush to bring Jigsaw back to theaters, taking its time in seeking a new direction for the profitable horror series. It isn't known if they plan to make this next project in 3D or not.

No filmmakers or actors are currently attached to Saw VIII. The original Saw, directed by James Wan from a script he co-wrote with Leigh Whannell, earned an impressive $103 million worldwide from just a $1.2 million budget in 2004. The film spawned Saw II ($147.7 million worldwide), Saw III ($164.8 million worldwide), Saw IV ($139.3 million worldwide), Saw V ($113.8 million worldwide), Saw VI ($68.2 million worldwide) and Saw 3D ($136.1 million worldwide).