What are Jim Carrey's three best movies? For some, that is a very easy question. But what if you're only able to choose from eight pre-chosen movies? Jim Carrey fans have been tasked with this mission on Twitter and the results are mixed, to put it lightly. Everybody has their own opinions on the matter, but there have been a few movies that the majority of people are agreeing upon.

Since we're all stuck inside the house, it's a good time to look back and reflect upon Jim Carrey's best movies over the years. What else do we really have to do? Fans were given eight movies to choose from and are only able to pick and keep three of them. Dumb and Dumber, Ace Ventura, The Cable Guy, The Grinch, Man on the Moon, The Truman Show, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Liar Liar are the choices. For some, there are some holes in this master list, but they generally hit the mark. Earth Girls Are Easy and The Mask could have been included.

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Plenty of people on social media are upset that The Mask was not included. While a lot of people can agree on that, they're having trouble picking three Jim Carrey movies that everybody can agree on. The Truman Show appears to be in the majority of top picks across the spectrum with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind coming in a close second. From there, the arguments begin over Ace Ventura, along with Dumb and Dumber. Ultimately, there is some guilt associated with choosing only 3. "I feel like I've betrayed The Cable Guy, The Truman Show and Ace Ventura," said one person.

The Cable Guy and Man on the Moon seem to pop up on a lot of the same lists. The latter saw Jim Carrey transform into legendary comedian Andy Kaufman and was critically praised. The Cable Guy was not a box office smash when it premiered, but it has been a cult favorite ever since, with a lot of Carrey fans naming it his best. There's even a decent amount of love given to The Grinch, which seems a little surprising.

For some of the more edgy social media users, they have gone with choosing none of the Jim Carrey movies. The answer seems to pop up quite a bit, with most people asking, "how about none of them?" It's not clear what may have happened to make this happened, since there is clearly a little bit for everyone on this list, from dramatic roles to the over the top comedy that Carrey first built his career on. Regardless, do you think you can choose only three Jim Carrey movies form the list? You can check out the aforementioned list below, along with some replies, thanks to Jensen Karp's Twitter account.