Jim Carrey sees some similarities between Batman Forever's Riddler and Sonic the Hedgehog villain Dr. Robotnik. The actor also went on to hint that a sequel to the upcoming video game adaptation may already be in the works. A lot has changed for the Sonic movie, thanks to a studio-ordered character redesign. With the important changes made, the movie is well on its way to a successful debut weekend in February, as opposed to the flop people initially thought it would be.

Jim Carrey took on the Riddler role in 1995's Batman Forever and was mostly praised for his performance (just don't ask Tommy Lee Jones about it). It's been a while since we've seen Carrey as a supervillain and Sonic the Hedgehog is on the way to change that. He was recently asked in an interview if there were any similarities between his Batman villain and his latest role that he saw. Carrey had this to say about Dr. Robotnik and Riddler similarities.

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"Well, I think I think they're both basically spinning. They're both spinning in the tree of knowledge. They're leaping from branch to branch and falling occasionally. I wouldn't put one against the other. I think they'd be a great team. But you know, it's like Robotnik and every super villain basically comes from a place of neglect with a feeling of absolute worthlessness that manifests itself in in magnificent creations that are designed to control the world, put their brand on everybody, and maybe even get inside your bloodstream with some nanotechnology occasionally."

From the little footage of Dr. Robotnik that has been shown, Sonic the Hedgehog looks like a callback to Jim Carrey's 1990s output. The villain is over the top, just like the Riddler was in Batman Forever, but Carrey talks more about the shared pain that nearly all supervillains have deep inside themselves. It's this pain that Carrey is pulling from when he brings Dr. Robotnik to life on the big screen.

Along with the Riddler comparisons, Jim Carrey also says there's plenty of room for a Sonic the Hedgehog sequel at some point down the line, noting that Dr. Robotnik's metamorphosis is only at the start in the upcoming movie. By the end of the first installment, video game fans are only getting a hint of the true powers of the villain and it's something that Carrey would like to further explore, noting that he has given out some ideas about how to move forward.

With Sonic the Hedgehog on track for a $40 million to $47 million opening weekend, there's a good chance that we could end up seeing a sequel in the near future. Talks of a sequel were nowhere to be found when the first footage from the movie was shown to the world, but that has all changed now as excitement begins to build for the February 14th release date. The interview with Carrey was originally conducted by ComicBook.