The Six Million Dollar Man:USA Today recently spoke with Starsky & Hutch director Todd Phillips about his upcoming adaptation of the TV show, "The Six Million Dollar Man"...

"I like the idea of what we can do with the concept," says Phillips, who adapted another '70s television show, Starsky and Hutch, which opens today. "The TV show took itself so seriously. I want to see what happens with a lighter touch."

He's got the perfect bionic man for that touch: Jim Carrey. The elastic comedian has agreed to take over Lee Majors' role and play Col. Steve Austin, the crippled test pilot who is rebuilt with nuclear-powered limbs and implants to become a super intelligence agent. The film, which has not begun shooting, is due next year.

Phillips promises not to make too much fun of the show. "If your movie isn't sweet at its core, then it's not going to work with audiences."

Still, he has no intention of adjusting The Six Million Dollar Man for inflation.

"No, he's not going to be The Six Billion Dollar Man," Phillips says. "He's not that great."