Jim Henson died on this day 31 years ago, and fans of the Muppets everywhere are paying tribute to his memory on social media. As the creator of The Muppets and the original puppeteer and voice of Kermit the Frog, Henson has long been one of the most beloved celebrities of all time. He was just 53 years old when he passed away in 1990, but the legacy he left behind is still shining very brightly.

Recognizing the anniversary of his passing, fans are saying many wonderful things about Henson and the ways his work has affected their lives. This includes famous poster artist Drew Struzan, who tweeted: "The wonderful #JimHenson passed away 31 years ago today. It was a blessing to collaborate with him. Whenever I see Kermit, I am reminded of the wonder of Jim. His kindness lingers with us through his creations."

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The Muppets fan account ToughPigs: Muppet Fans Who Grew Up also said, "Today we remember the life and legacy of Jim Henson, and how he dedicated his life to making millions of people happy. Thanks, Jim."

"On the anniversary on Jim Henson's passing I just wanna say thank you to him for inspiring me to continue creating and to never lose that child-like wonder," another fan wrote. "The world can always use a little bit of silliness!"

"We lost #JimHenson on this day in 1990," says someone else. "While I am inspired by so many, I can't say anyone has inspired me more than him - both as a creator & a person. If you haven't already, read (or listen to) the bio by Brian Jay Jones - it's fantastic."

Another fan posted, "31 years ago today the world lost some of it's love, kindness, hope, curiosity, creativity, and laughter. Thankfully, he filled all of us with enough of those things to carry us forward. Thank you Jim. You are missed."

"if only jim henson knew how much we still appreciate his works of art through his music, TV shows, films and his beloved characters. the world he created is so vibrant, i hope it paves the way for more puppeteers for many years to come," reads another tweet.

Henson's fans might be thrilled to know that a biopic about the late creator is currently in the works. Dubbed Muppet Man, the project picked up Michael Mitnick to write the screenplay last month, rewriting a previous draft by Aaron and Jordan Kandell. Lisa Henson, Jim's daughter, is on board to serve as a producer. No casting announcements have yet been made and it remains unclear who will play Henson in the movie.

In the meantime, fans can watch The Muppet Show along with other incarnations of the popular franchise to celebrate Henson's legacy on the anniversary of his death. The series is now streaming on Disney+, as is the streamer's new exclusive take on the series called Muppets Now. Wherever he is now, Henson would most certainly be proud to see Kermit and his pals still going strong over three decades later. Rest in peace, Jim Henson. You can see more tribute posts to Henson on Twitter.