Jim Sturgess may be the next actor to play the role of Marvel Comic's Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, if Julie Taymor has anything to say about it. Sturgess spoke to IGN.com at SXSW 2008 about his possible involvement with Spider-Man: The Musical, and confirmed that Taymor has expressed an interest in having him play the part. Taymor had previously cast Sturgess in Across the Universe, where he sang all of his own songs.

Asked whether or not Sturgess sees himself in the role, he was a bit more cagey:

I don't know if I'm the man to do it. I mean, Julie's definitely kind of making that project happen. We did some workshops, and me and Evan [Rachel Wood] just kind of went along and hung out and... you know, it was just an excuse to be with Julie again and work with Evan again. But that was kind of it; I don't know any more other than that.

Of course, that isn't exactly a denial on Sturgess' part. And asked directly if he would accept the role, if it were offered to him, Sturgess remained non-committal. "I don't know if I would look good in those tights, man," joked Sturgess. "I'd have to do some serious working out."