Jimmy Fallon has been the victim of quite a few serious injuries over the past few months. And some are blaming the booze. A report from sources close to the The Tonight Show host claim that NBC executives are growing worrisome over the comedian's recent behavior. And some think his drinking is starting to spiral out of control.

Over the past four months, Jimmy Fallon has suffered sever injuries on three different occasions. And his latest trip to the hospital has some believing his current lifestyle is becoming a problem. During all three accidents, the comedian is said to have been intoxicated. And it's his hard partying ways that seem to be the root of the problem.

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On October 24, during a party held by Harvard University's humor magazine, Harvard Lampoon, Jimmy Fallon injured his right hand. He was being honored at the event, where he accidentally tripped over a woman that bent down in front of him. He was holding a bottle of Jaegermeister at the time, and was rushed to the emergency ward after falling on the broken glass. The late night talk show host had this to say on his show the following Monday.

"I threw the bottle and then I landed on broken glass. There [were] pools of blood everywhere."

It has been reported that the fall wouldn't have nearly been as bad had it not been for all the shattered glass. This injury came just a few months after a much more serious injury that almost saw him losing a finger. This incident occurred at his home, when he fell in the kitchen. His ring finger got caught on a table corner and ripped his finger from his hand, though it was still connected by the skin. Earlier that same night, he had a bad fall at the Italian restaurant Scalinatella in the Upper East side of New York City. That trip left him unscathed, but his wine drinking from dinner is said to have carried over to his kitchen incident later that night.

Eight weeks after nearly losing his ring finger, Jimmy Fallon chipped his front tooth. He explained on Instagram that he was trying to open a tube of scar tissue repair gel for his recovering finger injury. About all these injuries and their timing, the source speaking to the NYPost had this to say about the comedian's apparent drinking problem.

"It's gone from being a whisper to a chatter."

At this time, this rumor has not been confirmed by any official statement from NBC. As is usually the case, Jimmy Fallon may comment on the chatter swelling around his hard partying ways during an upcoming monologue on The Tonight Show. But he may also decided to ignore the rumors altogether. Back in August, NBC renewed Jimmy Fallon's hosting contract through the year 2021. At the time, the Network praised Jimmy for his excellent work both on and off camera.

"Jimmy Fallon is a highly valued member of the NBC family who is both a tireless worker and an extraordinarily gifted performer. His dedication in putting on a great show each and every night is unparalleled, and that is reflected in the large amount of viewers who tune in - he frequently outrates the broadcast competition combined. We are proud of his accomplishments on and off camera and look forward to working with him for many years to come."

These consecutive injuries are coming in a wake of reports that Jimmy Fallon has embarked on an endless parade of partying. In April of 2014, the host was allegedly involved in a bar brawl in the East village following a taping of his show. And in January, patrons at another bar taped the clearly inebriated comedian singing Katy Perry's 'Walking on Air' while slithering across the bar top at Marie's Crisis, a well-known gay bar in the West Village. He is said to have become a well-known 'party boy' in the NYC area since taking over as host of The Tonight Show.

That said, his work on the show has never been interrupted or halted because of this behavior. Except for the ring finger incident, which required a six-hour surgery and a 10-day stay in the ICU. He was on break at the time the injury occurred. Close friends say that this behavior isn't anything new, and former SNL co-star Horatio Sanz claims that they were both 'superfunctioning alcoholics, definitely' back when they worked together.

The Tonight Show is rigorous work. Jimmy Fallon tapes the show at 30 Rock five days a week. Most days he works 12 hours, with the pre-taped skits done in the morning or after taping. Sometimes he stays at work until midnight, well past the 6:30 p.m. wrap time. It's a job that comes with a lot of stress. Most of his close friends believe he is just blowing off steam. And that it would be impossible for him to learn so many new songs, and dances and routines if he was constantly wasted.

A recent Vanity Fare cover showed all of the men from late night joined together for a photo shoot. The image has each of the men holding a cocktail. Except for Jimmy Fallon, who thought it best not to be seen with a drink in his hand. James Corden opted for a juice box. Some believe Fallon was trying to send a message by deciding not to hold a glass of liquor. At this time, The Tonight Show is going to continue partying along with Jimmy Fallon as normal.