20 years ago, 20th Century Fox released the holiday comedy Jingle All the Way, which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as devoted father Howard Langston, who promised to do whatever it takes to get his son a Turbo Man action figure for Christmas. When he finds out that all of his local stores are sold out of this coveted action figure, he goes on a Christmas Eve quest to track down the toy, competing with hordes of parents along the way. As it turns out, you may be able to bring your own version of Turbo Man home in the near future.

A Kickstarter campaign was recently started by a Cleveland, Ohio man named J.R. DeJesus, who has taken matters into his own hands and created a real Turbo Man action figure. Just one week after the Kickstarter campaign launched, the project has reached its goal of $13,000, with backers asked to donate $130 apiece to receive their own 14 1/2-inch action figure, which unfortunately means that, just like in the movie, these real versions of Turbo Man are "sold out." Take a look at the description from the Kickstarter page.

"Do you remember Turbo Man doll from the holiday film Jingle All The Way? In 1996 he was the hottest Christmas toy ever! When I was a kid, I dreamed of having my very own, but sadly my dream never came true... Because he was a fictional toy only for film. I wanted to change that and bring the Turbo Man toy to fans a collectors alike. Two years ago I found the owner of original prop used in the film, I thought up a great idea. Today we can make everything with the great technology 3D scanning and printing, So I decided to reproduce the Turboman action figure to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the film. I plan to scan 3D modeling data of the original prop, which has no articulation. So I need enlist the work of a 3D modeler to digitally sculpt the joint for proper articulation. The cost to produce a 14" prototype is quite high, so I turn to you all in hopes to see this dream become reality."

J.R. DeJesus also revealed that he obtained the original props from Jingle All the Way director Brian Levant. Earlier today, J.R. DeJesus issued an update, stating that they would produce an additional 100 action figures, due to supply and demand, but he later revealed in another update that they decided to stick to the original 100 action figures. So, unless you're one of the 100 people who backed this campaign, you won't be getting one of these action figures, unless they end up on eBay, which very well may happen.

Jingle All the Way took in $60.5 million domestically and $129.8 million worldwide, from a $60 million budget. The film also marked the feature film debut of Jake Lloyd, who played Jamie Langston, the young son of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Howard Langston. Three years after his big screen debut, Jake Lloyd would become a household name after starring as the young Annakin Skywalker in the first Star Wars prequel Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace. The cast also included Sinbad, Phil Hartman, Rita Wilson, Robert Conrad, Martin Mull and James Belushi, with Daniel Riordan playing Turbo Man himself. Take a look at these images from the Kickstarter page of this upcoming Turbo Man action figure from Jingle All the Way.

<strong><em>Jingle All the Way</em></strong> Action Figure 1
<strong><em>Jingle All the Way</em></strong> Action Figure 2
<strong><em>Jingle All the Way</em></strong> Action Figure 3
<strong><em>Jingle All the Way</em></strong> Action Figure 4
<strong><em>Jingle All the Way</em></strong> Action Figure 5