The mystery around J.J. Abrams' new trailer and film keeps growing. We reported yesterday that a trailer for Abrams's secret project supposedly entitled Super 8 will be attached to prints of Iron Man 2 this weekend, with some sources claiming that the trailer would be the first glimpse at a Cloverfield sequel. Now Vulture spoke to Abrams himself, who said that the trailer has nothing to do with Cloverfield.

"You have to check [out the trailer]," he told us. "But it has nothing whatsoever to do with Cloverfield, despite your expert reporting."

When asked the nature of the new trailer, Abrams cryptically replied, "I won't be able to tell you until it's done."

All we do know for now is that the trailer will indeed roll out in front of Iron Man 2 this weekend, but we'll be sure to keep you posted with any further news on this J.J. Abrams project as soon as more information becomes available.